INDERA is a Belgian Design Company with a particularly creative collection of seating furniture in which focus has been laid on innovative functions, materials and design and where modularity and functionality form the main leitmotif.



An intense and inspiring partnership with established designers has produced a number of surprising modular mechanisms. This radical modularity calls for interaction with the user, who is able to create his or her own ideal sofa.


Indera stands for furniture with a story. We are looking for the essence of living. Our modular furniture interacts with it’s users. Flexibility and functionality are the cornerstones of the range.


Our furniture is made with love. Fall in love with it!


The SINTESE ECO sofa is developed following the Cradle to Cradle® design framework. While assuring the comfort and quality standard of Indera the Sintese Eco is designed to be reused, recovered and recycled; a vision for a sustainable future.